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E-Futures Software and Service

Discover the strengths of our online futures trading software platform and the client service our brokers provide.
Below we highlight some of the most popular futures trading features of the E-Futures International futures trading platform. There are many benefits aside from these though, so if you would like more details please call one of our brokers at (800) 454-9572 U.S. or (310) 859-9572 International.

E-Futures International Main Window

E-Futures International is a user-friendly commodity trading software that handles all of the complexities associated with futures trading and order management. From streaming online futures trading quotes to providing full communication with our trade desk, E-Futures International's interface gives you instant access to our full suite of trading futures tools.
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E-Futures International Depth of Market (DOM)

One-click order placement allows active traders to place, modify, and cancel basic and advanced futures trading orders.

E-Futures International Charts

Our built-in charting functionality gives you a rich view of market activity trading futures.

E-Futures International Block Allocation

Do you manage multiple future trading accounts for clients, friends or family? Define your rules and trades will be automatically allocated.

E-Futures International Exchanges

Get connected to the world's futures and commodities exchanges with Direct Market Access.

E-Futures International AutoX

Route future trading signals from TradeStation® through E-Futures International's fully integrated auto execution module.

E-Futures International Advanced Orders

Our full suite of advanced orders can be used to develop, execute, and preserve your commodity trading software strategy.

E-Futures International Quotes

Receive fast, free and reliable market data on this commodity trading software.

E-Futures International Excel DDE

Link Microsoft Excel directly to E-Futures International.

E-Futures International Communication

Trade desk management, instant messaging, and detailed online future trading reports.