Discount Futures Commission Rates

We are discounted futures broker and we can offer some of the lowest and cheapest futures commission rates for for gold futures, commodities, futures and option

Futures Commission Rates - Discount Futures Brokers

Trade futures from $1.18 per side and lower for major futures contracts.

For clients who trade more than 500 contracts per month, special volume discount rates will apply that can reduce your cost to as low as $.99 per side. Please contact one of our registered professional commodities broker for specific details.

At, we are able to offer some of the lowest and competitive futures commission rates in the industry while still maintaining the highest standard of customer service.

No matter your trading volume or style, you have the opportunity to receive a discounted futures commission for gold futures, gas futures, and crude oil futures.

Futures Commission Rates (per side & contract)

Monthly Sides US Exchanges
0 - 500 $1.18
501 - 2500 $0.99
2501 - 10000 $0.75
10001 - 20000 $0.45
20001 + $0.25


Futures - Options
All Exchanges (Electronic) Please contact us via email or phone at 800-454-9572
All Exchanges (Pit)

How do we determine your futures commissions?

Types of Contracts — Certain electronic contracts like bonds and the mini S&P will have lower fees than traditional open out cry contracts like sugar and coffee because the process is completely automated and doesn't require a broker on the trading floor for execution

Trade Execution — Some clients prefer the assistance of an experienced broker, including clients interested in managed trading systems, busy professionals, and new traders. Our broker assist commissions are as low as $11 per side.

Volume — High volume traders, CTAs, money managers, professional traders, and foreign introducing brokers will receive lower futures commissions due to the number of contracts they trade. Our high volume commissions are as low as $0.40 per side plus exchange fees for CME electronic memberships.

Please contact us via email or phone at 800-454-9572 so that we can put together a custom futures commission quote based on your trading needs.